Campus Dishcrawl 7/30/13

Last week Anna and I attended our first Dishcrawl, having been invited by the organizer, Rosalie. Part of the fun of Dishcrawl is that you have to take your chances; you don’t find out where you’re starting until the day before, and you don’t find out each subsequent stops until you’re on your way there.

We were a tiny bit skeptical when we learned we’d be starting at Track Town Pizza; I like it pretty well, but it’s not Anna’s favorite, and I think we were both wondering where it would go from there. But it was, I think, a pretty good starting place after all – a casual atmosphere in which we all got to know each other a little, and the pizza is actually pretty good. My only complaint is that it was a tiny bit heavy for starters, but it was fun to get a little talk from a manager, and we got free pizza coupons to boot.

The barbecue pizza is the best thing.
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Campus Dishcrawl – coming up!

I’m excited to say we’ve been invited on a Dishcrawl that’s happening in a couple of weeks. We’ll spend an evening with a bunch of other folks checking out four restaurants (to be named later) in the campus area (sans students for the summer – the best time to be there!).

We’ve seen a few things like this advertised in Portland (and even bought tickets for one once, but forgot we had them and missed the expiration date), but not in Eugene! I am really looking forward to both the eating and the post-food documentation. We hope to discover places we’d never think to go otherwise!

So look for that post after July 30th – and if you’d like to join us, you can get tickets ($45 each) here. You can watch us take pictures of food!

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Party Downtown

Eugene keeps EXPANDING and GROWING and adding NEW AWESOME RESTAURANTS. I’m super excited about it, as perhaps you can tell. One brand-new addition is the permanent, fully-roofed version of the PartyCart, our previous favorite food cart. It is shaping up to possibly be our new favorite restaurant.

So pretty! So fresh! So indoors!
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El Azteca, aka El Az (East Lansing, MI)

If you ever meet anyone from East Lansing, ask them about El Az. (It’s pronounced, to my eternal consternation, El-ez.) Assuming they lived there for any reasonable space of time, you will see their eyes light up and maybe even their mouth start to water. And you will wonder as I once did what can be SO great about a Mexican restaurant in the middle of Michigan.

If you ever meet anyone from New Mexico, ask them about green chile. No – not just green chile – food in general. New Mexican food. It’s not the same as Mexican – it’s cheesier, beansier, chile-er, meltier, soooo gooooood. New Mexicans are never really satisfied with Mexican food – it doesn’t have enough chile, and it has too much cilantro. We are wary.

Anna had been raving to me about El Az for over a year by the time we finally made it there. I was trying my best not to expect much – I was looking forward to margaritas, meeting her oldest friends, and enjoying the rooftop patio. I looked at the menu with trepidation, and what do you think I found?

Oh, also, their logo is a giant Zia symbol. You know, like the New Mexico state flag.
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Big Star (Chicago, IL)

Anna and I have thrown around the idea of renaming the blog, largely because we travel kind of a lot, and as such, many of our food experiences are no longer in Eugene. Regardless of the current name, though, this and the next post will be from the big ol’ world outside of Eugene. They have food there, too.

Boy, do they have food.
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The Barn Light

I was on the fence about whether or not to write about The Barn Light – I’ve only been there a couple of times, and I haven’t tried anything from the lunch or dinner menus. Mostly, though, I was reluctant because there is only one thing on their breakfast menu. However! That one thing is delicious… and the Barn Light is cute. So here we are!

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From the Kitchen: Winter Salmon Niçoise

I discovered a couple years ago that I looooove Salad Niçoise.  It’s so acidic and light, but still manages to be incredibly filling.  It’s full of protein and healthy fats, and lends itself to being eaten leisurely as one converses.

Only two colors are allowed in this recipe: white and red-orange.

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